3 Youtube Fishing Channels You Should be Watching

3 Youtube Fishing Channels You Should be Watching

With online media streaming so readily available, the options to search and watch fishing content on your own time, is better than ever.

Not to mention - organic user-generated content on Youtube is at an all time high for quality & upcoming content stars. 

Professionally filmed and edited TV shows place full stock in Youtube as a marketing channel, while some Youtube channels without major outside exposure have massive followings - and despite some controversy as a "free-speech" platform, the fishing world of Youtube is full of amazing footage, tips and techniques.

It is the equivalent of sitting in a giant library of video footage, some of it raw and unedited, some of it pure gold. 

To film and produce quality fishing content requires not only talented videographers and editors, but also the right conditions and lots of fishing experience and dedication to getting the right footage.

In short - it's a lot of work. When you check out the links - click subscribe as a show of support and so that you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest fishing footage. 

3 Youtube Fishing Channels Well Worth Subscribing to!

yakfish tv field trips robert field

Robert Field 

"Fishing is something that I discovered later in life, but as my love for fishing developed, it opened me up to the idea that life is way too short to spend 40 hours every week doing something I hate. So I tossed my ties in the trash and set out to make a living doing what I love. It hasn't been easy, but it was the best decision I've ever made."

Also known as "Yakfish TV", the story is one of a businessman leaving the Office world and going all over the USA and beyond fishing both out of his kayak, and with other anglers and boats. The species fished for is extremely diverse. Everything from redfish, smallmouth, sharks, salmon, cobia, rainbows, roosterfish, stripers - we could keep going.

gator fishing gar kayak robert field

His subscriber base is massive and the content is well edited, Robert is a professional and the fishing is phenomenal. 

Rumor has it that Robert will be filming lots of Great Lakes content in 2020...

Robert fishing for trout from his Kayak.

SB Fishing

sb fishingJon Boats, bass, musky and beyond! The SB Fishing channel brings major freshwater content to Youtube constantly. Lots of hookups on film from interesting lures and baits - not to mention some amazing topwater blasts.

This Youtube channel brings some interesting formats to mix up the fishing - such as 30-day fishing challenges, focusing on catching fish on some odd baits and other interesting aspects of targeting freshwater fish. 

SB Fishing has also been out salmon fishing with Addicted Fishing

Addicted Fishing

addicted fishingThis crew has managed to film and edit probably some of the cleanest and most exciting salmon and steelhead action on film. From Alaska to the rivers of Oregon and beyond - check out some phenomenal footage of bobber-downs, bridge fishing and chrome flying out of the water at every turn.

Beyond salmon & steelhead Addicted Fishing has loads of content on bass, walleye and other species - but also extremely helpful tutorial and tip videos.

Here is a highly informational video about how to spinner fish for trout. 

Subscribing to a channel on Youtube is an easy way to support the fishing world. Go check these channels out and click the subscribe button to stay updated.

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