Apex Marine acquires Polar Kraft in 2019

Apex Marine acquires Polar Kraft in 2019

Mark Dupuie, owner of Apex Marine, stands by a new Polar Kraft.Mark Dupuie, owner of Apex Marine, stands by a new Polar Kraft.

Move will mean more efficient production and expanded footprint  

St. Louis, MI- On July 15, 2019, Apex Marine, Inc. expanded their brand offering by acquiring Polar Kraft Aluminum Boats. The move will benefit Polar Kraft by providing efficiency in production thanks to the strength of Apex Marine’s two additional lines in Qwest Pontoons and Angler Qwest Pontoons.

The acquisition will mean that Apex Marine will now provide a vessel in the aluminum boat segment for nearly any on-the-water activity from fishing, to pleasure boating, to even hunting.  Unlike most other brands, consumers can pick the outboard brand that powers their Polar Kraft based on their choice, not the parent company of the boat.

Mark Dupuie, owner of Apex Marine, is excited about the acquisition.

“It just made sense, and I could not think of a justifiable reason not to acquire Polar Kraft” he said.  “There are a lot of synergies between the companies.  Polar Kraft has an excellent reputation, and their product emulates quality which is reminiscent of our Angler Qwest & Qwest brands.  Polar Kraft has been in existence for 68 years, but we see this as just the beginning.  We intend to take Polar Kraft to the next level.”

“We have shared relationships with vendors and floorplan companies that will really be a benefit for PolarKraft,” Dupuie said.  “We will also be able to leverage our purchasing power with raw material vendors, and outboard motor suppliers, so all of our brands become more profitable without the consumer seeing a higher price tag.”

While PolarKraft does have a Pro Staff, and currently sponsors the iconic celebrity angler Babe Winkleman, marketing will increase as well as exposure for the overall brand.

polar kraft apex marine

“We have kicked up our advertising with Angler Qwest the past few years by running ads in key regional publications, so we can support our dealers,” he said. 

“Through print and social media, we have added dealers, sold more boats, and got our brand out there.  The same strategy can be utilized for Polar Kraft, and now that we know the key writers and editors for these media vehicles, they can help spread the word without a major ad buy.”

While there may be a bit of rebranding on Polar Kraft, the quality of the rig will remain top-notch.


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I would like a price for the largest jon boat that polar craft makes

Bill Goff

I have a 2014 2010 T polar Kraft , will I be able to purchase products from your business as repair as needed ?

Ray Morton

First off, I’m finally sold on your 2023 Kodiak 200 Pro, with a 225 Merc. I’d like to build it from the ground up, but not sure which reputable Dealership to go through here in Michigan or elsewhere and would need to negotiate a “TRADE-IN“ with my 2021 Tracker, 195 TXW, with a 150 Merc. Pro xs, (40 hrs.) !!! Truly would enjoy a serious conversation with a Sales Rep. Thanks, Billy.

Billy Tanner

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