Fishing MagLips in the Great Lakes by Josh Crabtree

Fishing MagLips in the Great Lakes by Josh Crabtree


About 7 years ago I began taking my plug fishing to the next level, it started with changing hooks and split rings, swapping from double stock hooks to single trebles with short shanks on double split rings. These setups worked very well, but would drive you nearly crazy with the constant tuning necessary to keep the plugs running true. Then about 5 years ago here came the MagLip, we knew how affective flatfish could be in slow water and were excited to give them a chance. Now it is the MagLip in 3.5 and 3.0 I rely on. The lure works in all current speeds even the ultra slow and never requires tuning.

So when my friend Country Joe and I participate in the “Yeah Plugging” tournament on the icy and very fast Muskegon River each December we are bringing our A game and that means MagLips at the business end of our rigs.

plug fishing steelhead plugs great lakes michigan mag lipOne year we decided to just fish one area of about 400 yards and not leave it. So we ran our MagLips and backtrolled very slow and careful with the jet. This year we were rewarded with two colored up Bucks that had to annihilate the MagLip 3.0. Once we got the fish in the net Joe and I exchanged stares as we realized this was the biggest fish caught in the four years this tournament has been running. At the end of the day Country Joe and I had our names added to the cup.

Next year all who attend will have a chance again to catch one bigger and have their names added too. You are all welcome to come down the second Saturday in December and try, I recommend bringing MagLips so you can be confident in your chances.

Chartreuse Cerise and my simple homemade Gold Red Head got it done—12.16 lbs. and 10.86 lbs. 

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