Kyocera Outdoor Ceramic Knife & Sheath (Camp or Kitchen)

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Ceramic Knives - everybody who has used one and owns one knows...but what is the appeal? 

kyocera knife ceramic camp kitchen

The simple answer may be: Kyocera Ceramic Knives maintain their edge 10x longer than steel. Perhaps it's the fact that it is rust-proof and resistant to germs and acids. To the outdoor enthusiasts, angler, camper or hunter - this alone is a major factor.

The heavy nylon sheath with Velcro strap keeps the Kyocera Ceramic Knife safe and secure, and you can attach to your belt for easy access.

kyocera knife sheath nylon fishing camp kitchen

Prepare an outdoor meal, fish, game...ideal for kitchen or campfire use.

Note: not for use on bones or frozen items

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