Lamiglas "Spinsation" | Designed for Spinner Fishing

Lamiglas "Spinsation" | Designed for Spinner Fishing

The legendary rod Lamiglas has designed a rod with one technique in mind: Spinner Fishing. Let's not pretend that casting spinners is all it's good for, but it's definitely specialized in that area.

lamiglas spinsation fishing rod infinity spinners

This rod is a higher-end graphite option from Lamiglas, in the Infinity Series. For a price-point spinner rod take a look at the X-11 series, specifically the LX86MS or LX96MS (casting versions are also available in LX86MC or LX96MC)

Recently the Infinity rod was redesigned with a new, lighter handle configuration - an excellent upgrade from the previous handle. The Spinsation goes even further by dropping the fore-grip entirely so that the angler can touch the blank with their finger while reeling the spinner - so you can feel the "Spinsation" so to speak.

lamiglas spinsation fishing rod infinity composite graphite handle

The rod has a fast tip, although not a stiff tip, with the right action to cast #3, #4, #5 and even #6 spinners a long way. Once you get a bite you can quickly hookset and stick the hooks home. At 9'0" it's long enough to control your line, but not unwieldy. 

Beyond just spinner fishing, this rod also is a prime drift-fishing (bottom-bouncing) rod, or "pier-rod" for both bait and spoons. 

lamiglas infinity spinsation guide

Lamiglas has loads of options, for salmon, trout, steelhead, walleye, bass, perch & all sorts of technique-specific rods. The Infinity Spinsation is just one of the latest innovations.

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