I do like multitasker devices, but when it comes to a flashlight, I only want one thing. I want a bright, powerful beam. Some secondary considerations are size (smaller is better than larger) but tiny (like a penlight) is too small. Most other features are just “nice to have” but not essential. 

In the LED light world, most of us are still learning just what the term “lumen” means. In the flashlight world, 1200 lumens is very bright. It hurts to shine the light in your eyes on a sunny day. 

So the Nebo Slim+ 1200 checks my most important block. The + on the name is for the other boxes it checks like the red laser pointer—not so useful for fishing. Better is the a strong magnetized base and sturdy pocket clip, both handy when they can be used. You can dim the light it so it’s less than 1200 lumens (why?).  You can also change the light to glow red—I’m not sold on that, but more handy than the laser pointer. 

It is rechargeable and since the LED lights are energy efficient, the lithium battery should give it a long service on a charge. It’s waterproof to three feet, not so important to me, but it does indicate it should be perfectly rainproof. 

Do you need a good, sturdy but small, super bright flashlight with a few extra whistles and bells, consider the NEBO 1200+.  Available at many retail and online sources including the NEBO

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