Scent Shot by BNR Tackle

Scent Shot by BNR Tackle

The Scent Shot System is specifically designed to give your soft plastics an edge when it comes to steelhead, salmon, and trout.

bnr scent shot system

Fish love the neutrally buoyant and lifelike feel of BnR’s soft beads, now give them, or other soft plastics a boost with a shot of our custom scent. When a big one follows the scent trail up to the realistic-feeling bead and bites down, hold on to your rod because you’re in for a ride!

Directions for Use:

  1. Inject bead or worm with needle pointing slightly downward.
  2. Push needle completely through to create a cavity, pull back inside and squeeze bottle until scent has filled cavity.
  3. Repeat as desired.

Thicker scents will diffuse slower than oils.

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