Starfire Trolling Rod Series - Eagle Claw

Starfire Trolling Rod Series - Eagle Claw


Eagle Claw, a leader in fishing tackle and equipment, has announced the relaunch of its iconic Starfire Trolling Rod Series. Initially released in 1978, Starfire Trolling Rods have been a staple in the Great Lakes region for decades. As word of mouth quickly spread about the durable performance shoehorned into the Starfire rods, anglers across the country started relying on Starfire for their trolling needs.

When it came time to reimagine an already successful series of rods, the Head of Product Development at Eagle Claw, Mike Rosasco, and Product Manager Darin Telfer knew they had big shoes to fill. "The Starfire series has always been known for its reliability and affordability, but we wanted to take it to the next level," said Rosasco.

To achieve this goal, the team at Eagle Claw reached out to legendary anglers Mark and Jake Romanack to offer their trolling and big water expertise. "We're thrilled to have collaborated with Eagle Claw on the Starfire series," said Mark and Jake Romanack. "We've spent decades fishing for all types of species and in all types of water conditions. We wanted to take our experience and help Eagle Claw design a series of rods that met the needs of anglers today."

Together, the team updated legacy models and identified the need for brand-new offerings in the Starfire lineup that modern-day trollers need. "Our goal was to provide functional and affordable rods for popular trolling presentations while keeping things simple," said Mark and Jake Romanack. "We focused on custom-tailored features for each specific trolling technique, and we're confident anglers of all levels will appreciate the new Starfire Trolling Rod Series."

Through blood, sweat, and fishing their tails off, they stood on the shoulders of the proven Starfire lineup and took it further with the all-new StarfireX. The StarfireX series of rods offers 13 trolling rods and combos with every detail gone through with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that with each trolling pass, you feel the reliability of the Starfire of the past with the modern technique-specific materials and builds of StarfireX.

The StarfireX Series of rods provides modern trollers with the technique-specific trolling rods they need, all at a price point they can afford. The result is a series of rods that offers exceptional value, worthy of carrying on the Starfire tradition of superior performance and reliability.


Series Highlights Include:

SFXB86MMFT Bottom Bouncer 

Bottom bouncer fishing requires a rod with a moderate action and soft tip. The ideal bottom bouncer rod telegraphs the bite without applying too much pressure and alerting the fish. This rod features the perfect action for fishing 1–4-ounce bottom bouncers with spinner rigs, smiley blades, and also slow death rigs. A telescopic design makes it easy to store this rod even in the rod locker of smaller boats.


SFXP76MHMFT In-Line Planer Board 

Trolling for walleye using in-line planer boards requires a rod that features a forgiving tip section, yet enough backbone to handle the weight of planer boards and the resistance of deep diving crankbaits, snap weights, and other trolling gear. The 7’-6” length is long enough to whip any walleye, yet short enough to reach the rod tip when rigging in-line boards and snap weights on the line. The telescopic design makes it easy to store these rods even in the rod lockers of smaller fishing boats.


SFXP86MMFT In-Line Planer Board

For trout, salmon, steelhead and walleye anglers who commonly fish using lead core line and need a slightly longer and more forgiving in-line planer board rod. This rod is ideal for using segmented lead core in combination with in-line planer boards. This rod is also an excellent choice for general purpose trolling chores when targeting walleye, brown trout, coho salmon and lake trout using in-line planer boards.


SFXD8MM2 Downrigger

The ideal downrigger rod features a slow action with enough backbone to handle stubborn fish. This rod is perfect for using downriggers to target chinook and coho salmon, lake trout, steelhead, brown trout, and walleye. The classic two-piece design is ideal for fishing monofilament, co-polymer and fluorocarbon lines ranging from 10–25-pound test.



An industry first, the SFXDL9MHMST Diver Rod is a telescopic design that makes this rod handy for using and storing in smaller trailerable fishing boats. The moderate slow action is Ideal for fishing with standard and magnum sized diving planers and lead core. The heavy-duty stainless steel guides are also great for trolling coper wire.



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I watch fishing411 and they advertise these new telescopic eagle claw starfire x fishing rods but you can’t buy them because no one has them in stock strike king does the same thing they come out with a new lure but you can’t buy it because no one has it in stock it must be a new retail thing since covid but i can tell you it put a bad taste about buying these products


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