I’ve reviewed two other types of Sufix lines, both 832 Advanced Superline (braid) and Sufix Advanced Lead Core in this column. In my opinion, they performed as advertised and as good as I hoped when I spooled them on my reels and used them in actual fish-ing conditions. I expected nothing less when I put Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon on my reels last winter to put into use when the 2022 season got underway. 

Though this line was developed to use as a reel’s main line, to cast, jig or troll your lures or bait, I used it as leader material. Su-fix does make a product called Advance Fluorocarbon Leader, with some of the same attributes but heightened abrasion resistance. If I was fishing around rocks, barnacles or fishing for toothy, abrasive fish, I’d go with the leader line, but it comes with a much higher price per yard than the line specifically designed to fill a reel. Both versions give the fluorocarbon, underwater invisibility that makes using it worth the price. 

What I do is use fluorocarbon line, from a few feet to as much as 50 feet ahead of the lures I troll for salmon and trout and that’s how I used the Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon Line for this review. 

First, I could see and feel how it would be a great “main” line on a reel. It is softer and more flexible than most other fluorocarbon line I’ve used. Both fresh off the spool and fresh off the reel there was no noticeable memory. 

What I was most interested in was if it had acceptable knot strength, was as strong as advertised and performed well as far as its underwater invisibility is concerned. This last factor is highly subjective but as I’ve found with most fluorocarbon line I’ve used, I’m sure it often helped and never hurt.  

I used 20# for my early season set-ups and then by late spring, when I started using on long, weighted steel, lead core and wire line divers, I moved up to 25-pound line for the leaders.  There were no “unexplained” break-offs. I used primarily double uni-knots to go braid or mono to the leader and the three-tag fluorocar-bon knot to tie to lures or swivels.

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