I always have a waterproof, breathable rainsuit on my boat. In the early, early spring, they are insulated and I’m probably wearing them as much as a windbreaker as for wet weather protection. Even on a warm day on the land, when water temperatures are only in the 40s, it’s going to be chilly on board, at best.

Later in the season I may not leave the dock, suited up, but I still have a good set of raingear on board—either for unexpected showers or somedays for an outer windproof layer. Most days in the summer when the water is warm and the air temperature is unbearable, those multi-layer waterproof/breathable rainsuits are just plain too heavy to wear as a windbreaker or even when an unexpected shower happens to show up.

That’s when my Whitewater Packable Rain Jacket and Pants comes to the rescue. When it’s not rainy, the jacket and pants each pack into a small, grapefruit sized pouch—easy to store out of sight, out of mind. When needed, unstuff the packs and slip into the lightest-weight waterproof/breathable rainwear I’ve ever encountered.

Check out (or purchase) the Packables and other Whitewater products at www.whitewaterfish.com. They are also available at Amazon, other online stores and in some retail outlets.

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