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MULL BLOG: Watch the video to see why you stay with a swamped boat

Monday, April 27, 2015

OK, two things. One, if your boat or kayak swamps, don't try and swim for shore--stay with the boat. This video shows just how hard you are to find if you head for shore. Second, wear a dang life jacket. Period. This release from BoatUS is a real public service. –Dave Mull  Read Full Story

Lanyard ensures motor stops if you fall out

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mercury Marine encourages all boaters to make safety their No. 1 concern as the weather warms and boats hit the water this summer. Mercury, the world leader in marine propulsion technology, recently collaborated with Capt. Mike Genoun, host of Florida Sport Fishing TV and editor-in-chief of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, to create a video that promotes boating safety through the use of Mercury’s new and improved safety lanyard.  Read Full Story

Shakespeare Antennas Reach Higher Standards

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Developed for professionals and performance-conscious boaters, Shakespeare's Phase III antennas embody the ultimate in design, construction and function. With recent updates, the company's finest series becomes even better.  Read Full Story

MULL BLOG: The Curious BundeZe

Friday, April 17, 2015

We anglers always have something we need to keep neat in the boat, whether it’s a dock line, a cord for a nighttime fishing light, a two-piece rod, a Dreamweaver Spin Doctor twirling in the wind, a Lurk Diver banging against the diver rod—whatever. Bundezes are nifty little shock-cord “bundlers” that can help with all of the above and whole lot more.  Read Full Story

MULL BLOG KVD storage system keeps you organized

Monday, April 13, 2015

Organization is challenging for all anglers, especially the guys who use different artificial lures for gamefish. Seekers of bass, walleye and maybe especially salmon and steelhead have tons of stuff and must decide what to take with them on their boats. Big boat salmon and walleye trollers can take nearly the whole tackle barn, but those of us with smaller boats who pursue those species have to be more selective--and more organized. Here's a system that Kevin VanDam helped Plano develop. It should definitely work for salmon and walleye guys, too. –Dave Mull  Read Full Story

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