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"Trout Pack" Dave's Tangle Free Weight & Swivel Pack + BONUS PowerBait Book Free!

"Trout Pack" Dave's Tangle Free Weight & Swivel Pack + BONUS PowerBait Book Free!

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"Trout Pack" Dave's Tangle Free Weight & Swivel Pack + BONUS PowerBait Book Free!

10 Lead-Free Fishing Weights 

4 Snap Swivels, 4 swivels, and 4 beads | Rig Tips & Tackle Box

daves tangle free video fishing trout

Includes two "Dave's Rig Tips" on the inside cover of the sturdy case that will come in handy for years to come. Offered in four color options; Original Black, Stealth Gray, Lake Blue and Moss Green. High-performance. Lead free. Made in USA. Dave's Trout Pack is the perfect weight pack for lake fishing for trout, bass, crappie and perch. 

Safer alternative to lead or "split-shot" weights and perfect for any trout situation. They're the perfect weights to pack for young anglers or to bring along on a family fishing trip.

You'll have the ability to achieve good casting distance while still keeping a lightweight setup. And the beads and swivels give you the ability to setup a "sliding" rig for fishing PowerBait or other floating baits off the bottom.

This method is very effective for fishing either PowerBait or single eggs for trout. When the fish grabs the bait and starts to turn, it allows the line to slide through the swivel without picking up the weight right away.

This means the fish doesn't feel the weight right away and is more likely to hold onto the bite. If you set up your rod with the right line, you'll be able to get great casting distance into your lake. This can allow you to fish areas that others cannot with less capable setups. This can result in more fish!

BONUS PowerBait Book Free!

PowerBait Tactics for Trout is a clear and helpful guide on how to effectively fish PowerBait for trout. Whether they be Rainbows, Cutthroat or other trout, this technique is fished universally and no doubt is responsible for millions of trout caught. 

The details in your trout fishing rig can make a major difference in casting to the right area, getting bites - and landing fish. Everything from leader length to hook sizing, color choice and bottom structure...what changes to make when you're not finding fish. What to do capitalize on a bite when you do find fish.

Excellent book to get the hang of fishing PowerBait for trout. 

Mini Book 3 1/2 x 7

30 Pages

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